Technology is an integral part of life at Padua College. It is expected that all students will have their device at school ready for use every school day. Students should be expected to produce their device for teacher checking every Monday morning or when specifically requested by a teacher. Failure to do so may incur an appropriate consequence.

There will be exceptions to this which include:

  • Interhouse sport days (swimming, athletics, cross country)
  • Interschool sport days where students are participating/supporting
  • Camps
  • Excursions (unless specifically required by the teacher)


students in rows 2

Other expectations include:

  • Only school related apps are to be on the device – NO GAMES unless they are linked to the curriculum eg maths games.
  • The device should have sufficient charge to last a day – there are no charging facilities provided at the College.
  • If a teacher asks to see what is on the device, it is expected that the student will hand their device over.
  • Email is not to be used in class without the teacher’s permission.
  • The device will be in a suitably durable case and transported in this case at all times!
  • Devices are to be locked in student's locker when not in use – this includes Health & Physical Education and training (please note that coaches/teachers will advise students if they require their device).