electronic devices 2018

If you are contemplating purchasing a new device for 2018, please be aware the 1:1 Device Program for 2018 has been amended.

If your son will be new to the College in 2018 you will automatically be part of the amended program. Ordering for the devices is via electronic form.

Ordering: If your son is a current student at the College, please contact Peter Yeates (pyeates@padua.qld.edu.au) OR Tanya Anderson (tanderson@padua.qld.edu.au) to arrange sending of electronic forms to your family.

Parents of students without College devices – please read the letter below outlining the curriculum implications for your son should you choose not to provide a school managed device for your son. 

If your son in returning in 2018 and you require a College device, please contact Peter Yeates pyeates@padua.qld.edu.au or Tanya Anderson tanderson@padua.qld.edu.au