Years 10 – 12

The Head of Curriculum for Years 10 - 12 is Mr Paul Mansfield

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Year 9 into 10 Subject Selection Handbook 2018


The Senior Phase (Years 10 – 12)

The Senior Phase at Padua College is designed to allow students to tailor their program to suit their own learning needs and pathway.  While the subject offerings are the same in Year 10 as they are in Year 9, the focus shifts towrds their Senior Pathway.  Personal and Life Skills (PALs) lessons in Year 10 are targeted towards identifying strengths and interests that will assist students in choosing their Senior Pathway.  Padua offers 3 distinct Senior Pathways: OP, Mixed, and Vocational.  Each of these pathways is tailored to meet the post school needs of the students in that pathway.  This process means that students have the knowledge they require in order to make an informed choice about their pathways and thus subject selections for Year 11 and 12.

Please refer to the Senior Studies Handbook for a ful list of Senior Subject offerings at Padua College.

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