Teaching and Learning Overview at Padua College

The Teaching and Learning structure at Padua College is broken into two curriculum blocks and three learning phases.

 Padua College Learning Framework

 Teaching and Learning 5-12

10-12 Teaching and Learning

  • Senior Phase 10-12

5-9 Teaching and Learning

  • Middle Phase 7-9

  • Foundation Phase 5-6

At each stage there is a core course of compulsory subjects, which is complimented by specialist and elective subjects. Across the entire school, core subjects vary, but Mathematics, English and Religion are compulsory across all year levels. Course offerings are mandated through to Semester 2, Year 8, when the boys are given progressively more choices in their subjects.

Information Technology is used within the curriculum framework to support and extend student learning and teacher effectiveness. In conjunction with this, the Learning Management system, Blackboard is used to support on-line delivery of content and resources. These technologies help to support a learning framework that develops explicit thinking skills and helps the boys to become mindful of their role as a learner and to actively consider the way they interact with the world.

Students in all phases are encouraged to participate in a range of external competitions as a means of developing the academic culture at the College.

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Learning Enrichment Centre

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