The Queensland Government's education policy states that "parents of children of compulsory school age have a legal obligation to ensure that their children are enrolled in school and attend every day of the educational program in which they are enrolled.  Parents of students in the post-compulsory phase have a legal obligation to ensure that these students participate full-time in an eligible option". (

Procedures for requesting Term Time Absence

  • Check the College Calendar listing term dates which is available on the College Website.
  • Check the examination dates which are provided in the Assessment Calendar and Examination Timetable on the College Website.
  • Written communication to the Rector should be sent with at least four weeks' notice of the planned absence.
  • The notification form requesting a term time absence needs to be completed and emailed to the College at least two weeks' prior to the planned absence.
  • Teachers will be informed following the return of the completed notification form.

To download the Planned Student Absence During Term Time Notification Form please click here