The Queensland Government's education policy states that "parents of children of compulsory school age have a legal obligation to ensure that their children are enrolled in school and attend every day of the educational program in which they are enrolled.  Parents of students in the post-compulsory phase have a legal obligation to ensure that these students participate full-time in an eligible option". (

Procedures for requesting Term Time Absence

  • Check the College Calendar listing term dates which is available in My.Padua
  • Check the examination dates which are outlined in Due Work, via My.Padua.
  • Written communication to the Rector should be sent with at least four weeks' notice of the planned absence.
  • The eform requesting a term time absence needs to be submitted at least two weeks' prior to the planned absence.
  • Teachers will be informed following the College authorization of the completed eform.

Complete the Planned Student Absence Term Time Notification Form via My.Padua, by clicking on MiClass and selecting Available eForms,  This form will inform you of the process and serves as part of the process of informing staff of your son’s upcoming absence. However, there is still an expectation that your son will inform each of his teachers so that arrangements can be made where possible. It is important for families to be aware that in some cases, particularly exams in exam block, missed assessment will result in an incomplete (INC) being awarded on the report card.