Pastoral Levels

Aim of the Program

As a Franciscan College, the expectations for the behaviour of students are based upon the Gospel teachings of peace and goodwill to all.

The Pastoral Level system at Padua aims to specifically recognise those students who live their lives according to these expectations within the school context. The Pastoral Level system recognises and rewards effort, achievement and excellence and encourages students to achieve their full potential.

Equally, the Pastoral Level system provides a mechanism for communication of poor behaviour, opportunities for remediating poor behaviour or in exceptional circumstances, a procedural process for concluding a student’s enrolment at Padua College.

At all times, it is the intent of the pastoral team to guide students in a positive direction towards the happy fulfilment of their inate potential.

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Levels of Pastoral Care

To view our Padua College Pastoral Level System please view the attached document below.

2017 Pastoral Levels - DL Brochure 

2017 PC Pastoral Levels Summary