Enrolment FAQ

Questions & Answers

1. When should we apply for our son to attend Padua College?

We accept applications once boys commence Prep.

2. When will you be interviewing?

Interviews are conducted two years prior to possible enrolment; timeframe as per below:

Year 5 entry
Term 3 (July/August) of the year your son is in Grade 3.


3. How many students are accepted?

Year 5
We accept 160 boys into Year 5.


4. Do you have feeder schools?

We accept boys from many different schools.

5. Do you accept international students?

No, we are not CRICOS registered so cannot accept international students.

6. Do sons of Padua Old Boys have a priority?

While we welcome applications from sons of Old Boys, we cannot guarantee them a position at Padua.

7. We have a daughter who has been accepted at Mt Alvernia. Will our son automatically be accepted at Padua?

We cannot guarantee a place for those families who have a daughter accepted at Mt Alvernia.