The Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of the College.

The financial support received from the parent body is one of the important ways of enhancing the facilities of the College. Through their dedicated efforts they organise social events and work behind the scenes to assist families where there is a need, helping build the Franciscan spirit of friendship and goodwill within the College.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) meets once a month during term time every second Tuesday.  The Annual General Meeting of the Parents and Friends' Association is held in the last term of the year.

high tea 2011 in la foresta

P&F Executive and Committee 2016

President – Lisa Marini

Vice Present – Karen Caughey

Secretary – Kelly Uchytil

Treasurer – Ruth Baker

Pastoral Care Coordinator Years 10-12 (Assisi Campus) – Kym Jewell

Pastoral Care Coordinator Years 7-9 (Assisi Campus) – Mim Buchanan

Pastoral Care Coordinator Years 5-6 (Greccio Campus) - Julie Byrne

P&F House Representative - Madonna Taylor


P&F Meeting Times 2016

 5 February  P & F Welcome Evening
 8 March  P & F Meeting
 10 May  P & F Meeting
 14 June  P & F Meeting
 12 July  P & F Meeting
 13 September P & F Meeting
 11 October P & F Meeting
 8 November Annual General Meeting

Agenda for Upcoming Meetings

An Agenda for the next P&F Meeting will be uploaded here as received. 

Minutes of Padua P&F Meetings

To view minutes from our past meetings please click on dates as required:

Minutes of Padua P& F Annual General Meetings

To view minutes from our past Annual General Meetings please click on date as required:

Committee Nominations




Please click to view the above PowerPoint Presentation from our Padua Parent Forum "Motivation - Better Outcomes for Children and Adults" Evening held on Tuesday, 12th May, 2015.

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Community Care

The Padua Parent Community Care Program aims to provide very practical short-term assistance to families that find themselves facing disruption due to illness, trauma or other circumstances. 

Our mission is to help and support families during difficult times that can confront them when unplanned things happen. Please contact one of the coordinators below if this help could be used by you or another family in need.

Greccio campus contact
Erica Patterson

Assisi campus contact
Di Morris

Pastoral Parent Care Program - Assisi Campus

Financial Support for families

Becoming a volunteer

P&F volunteers needed!

P&F commitee application 2015

P&F role descriptions

If you would like to volunteer or join the Padua Parent Community Care Program, please fill out the below pdf and return it to

Padua Pastoral Parent Care Program (26KB)

Meals Assistance - Parent Suggestion Form.pdf(74KB)