Parents & Friends Association

The Purpose of the Parents & Friends Association at Padua College:

Message from the Committee:

The P&F Association at Padua is really all the parents and friends of the College.

The P&F has a Committee, nominated and selected by parents and friends of the College, who attend the P&F meetings.

The P&F Committee coordinate and support wherever the school has needs, whether it be at social or sporting events, assisting with pastoral care for families in need, or sponsoring Padua boys who represent the College at National or International level.

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Padua College P&F Voluntary 2018 Levy Information

high tea 2011 in la foresta

P&F Executive and Committee 2018

President – Pascale Weir 

Vice Present – Megan Bergman

Secretary - Jeanette Lequertier

Treasurer – Ruth Baker

Committee Members - Adam Goddard, Darren Walsh, Alecia Beyer, Grantley Weir, Kevin Ryan, Madonna Taylor

Upcoming P&F Events @ Padua


P&F Meeting Times 2018

20 November  7:00pm AGM


Agenda, Minutes & Reports of Padua P&F Meetings

To view minutes from our past/upcoming meetings please click on dates as required:

 Padua Parent Pastoral Care Committee Reports

Minutes of Padua P& F Annual General Meetings

To view minutes from our past Annual General Meetings please click on date as required:




The P&F Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in November.



If you would like to volunteer or join the Padua Parent Community Care Program, please fill out the below pdf and return it to


  011 2

Parent Pastoral & Community Care

The Padua Parent Community Care Program aims to provide very practical short-term assistance to families that find themselves facing disruption due to illness, trauma or other circumstances. 

Our mission is to help and support families during difficult times that can confront them when unplanned things happen. Please contact the P&F President or one of the Coordinators below by email if this help could be used by you or another family in need.

Greccio Campus Pastoral Care Coordinator:
Sonia Yates

Assisi Campus Pastoral Care Coordinator:
Anita Lamb-Nicholls

Financial Support for families