high jump volleyball 2013

The Volleyball program at Padua is played across Years 8-12 play the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) competition. All matches are played on Saturdays.

Home games are played in La Cordelle ('The Nest'). Coaches are drawn primarily from the teaching staff and Old Boys with the necessary expertise. Further experience and accredited coaches are sourced from outside the Padua Community.

The annual volleyball clinic is held in the Christmas School holidays (January). Each year, the College also compete in the Champion School of Queensland competition.

The volleyball uniform consists of the Padua volleyball Jersey (provided at the beginning of the season) and the Padua volleyball shorts (purchased through the Uniform Shop). The expectation is also that students will wear appropriate footwear.

Volleyball is supported by an active volleyball parent group who assist primarily with the canteen on home games, the scoring benches and tour organization.

During the season, further information including training times, team lists, coaching staff, schedules and results is available on the Padua website and SharePoint.

For any information on North District Sport, please visit the Rep Sport icon on our webpage http://www.padua.qld.edu.au/co-curricular/sport/school-rep-sport/ 


2018 Volleyball Coordinators
Years 7-9: Mr Brendan Downes
Years 10-12: Mr Craig Nicholson

2018 Volleyball Coaches - Click to download