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Sporting Information

Padua is a proud member of the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) of Queensland.

Padua’s extensive sports program gives every boy the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports appropriate to their ability. Whilst not compulsory, every boy at Padua is strongly encouraged to become actively involved in the sports program.

AIC Sport and Coaching Information Booklet

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AIC Website

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Years 5–7

Boys in Years 5-7 compete in AIC Competition in Cricket, Swimming, Rugby, Football, Cross Country, TennisBasketball and Track and Field. The AIC Sporting program is based on participation and sportsmanship. The calendar is broken into three seasons each fitting into an academic term.

Years 8–12

Boys in Years 8-12 compete in Volleyball, Cricket, Swimming, Rugby, Football, Cross Country, AFL, Basketball, Chess, Tennis, Track and Field, and Water Polo. Additional sports external to the AIC include Rugby League and Hockey.

Key Personnel

Each sport is administered by a coordinator of sport, whilst coaching is covered by staff, Old Boys and outside experts. Other key personnel include:

Head of Sport – Mr Scott Maguire
Head of Athletic Performance – Mr Gerard Parle
Head of Athletic Development Officer & Sports Administration – Mr Sam Toolis -

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