Piano & Guitar

Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion

At Padua, as well as offering tuition on Band and Orchestral instruments, tuition on Piano, Guitar, Drums and Percussion is made available through the Padua Private Music Department using visiting professional staff.

Tutition on Piano (or Keyboard), Guitar, and Drum kit/Percussion is available for boys in years 7 to 12.  For boys in years 5 and 6, tuition is only available on Piano (Keyboard).  Boys in years 5 and 6 wanting to learn Drum kit/Percussion are able to do so through our FCIP.  These stduents will move into the Padua Private Music Department in year 7.

To add to their practical experience, many of our advanced private music students also elect to join one or more of the large number of FCIP ensembles.  FCIP ensembles include concert and jazz bands, orchestras, percussion ensembles, and the Rock Band.

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