Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme (FCIP)

FCIP Ensembles

The FCIP offers students a number of different ensembles to accommodate a wide range of individual abilities and the various genres of music performed.

All members of FCIP ensembles are expected to be committed to their ensemble, i.e. to do regular home practice, to attend all timetabled lessons, tutorials and rehearsals, and to be available for FCIP performances.

Strings - Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Strings, Senior Strings, Intermediate Strings, Junior Chamber Strings, Junior Strings, Beginner Strings

Concert Bands - Senior Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Intermediate Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Beginner Concert Band

Jazz Ensembles - Senior Big Band, Intermediate Big Band, Intermediate Jazz Ensemble

Rock Band

Percussion - Percussion Ensemble 1, Percussion Ensemble 2, Percussion Ensemble 3, Percussion Ensemble 4, Junior Percussion Ensemble 


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Queensland Catholic Schools & Colleges Music Festival 2018

16th-19th August  https://qcmf.com.au/

QCMF 2018 - Franciscan Colleges Schedule


To view our Official FCIP Dates for 2018 please click here