Padua College boasts a long and proud Franciscan tradition in Music (in 1770, the 14 year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart received instruction from a Franciscan friar, Father Giovanni Baptista Martini, in Bologna).  Since Padua's inception in 1956 there has been music, both choral and instrumental, in some form at the College.  Indeed in the 1960s, and under the guidance of members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the combined Padua and Mt Alvernia Orchestra formed the core of what has become the Queensland Youth Symphony Orchestra as we know it today


MusicFranciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme (FCIP)

Padua's rich musical tradition continues today under the auspices of the Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme (FCIP).  In 1983, the FCIP was established to provide tuition on the complete range of band and orchestral instruments for the students of Padua College and our sister school, Mt Alvernia College, as well as St Anthony's Primary School.  The FCIP is a co-curricular ensemble based programme and forms an integral part of the cultural and academic life of Padua College.   Read more about the FCIP here.


Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion

At Padua, tuition is available for boys in years 7 to 12 on Piano (or Keyboard), Guitar, and Drum kit/Percussion.  For boys in years 5 and 6, tuition is available on the Piano (Keyboard).

Tuition on these instruments is made available through the Padua Private Music Department.  Many of our advanced Private Music students also elect to join one or more of the large number of FCIP Ensembles including concert and jazz bands, orchestras, percussion ensembles, and the Rock Band, to add to their practical experience.


Music Tours & Events

Every two years the senior FCIP ensembles undertake a music tour.  Recent tours include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and overseas to Japan and New Zealand.

Music camps are also an important feature and take place at the commencement of Semester 2.

As well as a number for Brisbane music festivals and competitions, throughout the year various FCIP ensembles are invited to perform at private and public engagmenets.  Some include the Catholic Education Music showcase, Royal Children's Hospital, the Brisbane Ekka, Music in the Mall, BBC and local Government functions plus local school concert tours plus much more.

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