Boys are encouraged to develop their public speaking skills through participation in public speaking competitions and interschool debating. Teams from Years 7 to 12 participate in the Queensland Debating Union competition each year and individual students represent the school as public speakers. 

Debating not only improves public speaking skills, but also, encourages quick thinking and teamwork. It allows the students to develop self-confidence and the ability to formulate arguments. Whilst students are required to argue one point of view, debating requires students to be aware of opposing views when formulating a stance. Debating has had a proud tradition at Padua College for many years. The College participates in two debating competitions, the BIS and the QDU.

BIS Debating

Students in Year 7 are given the opportunity to participate in the Brisbane Independent Schools (BIS) Cultural Program which is conducted during Term 2. The competition provides a platform for the boys to develop their oratory skills against other teams in the Brisbane Independent Schools Association. Whilst the BIS competition is largely a friendly competition, boys are awarded Speaker or Team of the Night.

QDU Debating

The Queensland Debating Union (QDU) Secondary Schools competition runs across most of the year, with preliminary debates for Years 8-12 generally held in Terms 1 and 2 and finals held during Term 3. Year 7 also participate in the more formal QDU debates, which for them are held in Terms 3 and 4.