Work & Welcome

Work & Welcome is a program initiated at Padua College to support the most vulnerable in our society – migrants and refugees.

Through the generosity of staff donations, migrants and refugees are offered employment for one term each year in the caring environment of our Franciscan community.

The fundamental Christian maxim “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” lies at the heart of Work & Welcome. This program commenced in 1993 (formerly known as Job Pledge) to provide work opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

In 2000 the focus shifted to helping refugees and migrants break the poverty cycle by assisting them into jobs. The program has since expanded from its Padua base to include 20 schools in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Yeppoon and Sydney. In addition, there are now a number of corporate partners, enabling more refugees and migrants to experience the joy of working in Australia. To date there have been over 210 participants in this program providing benefits to themselves and the communities fortunate enough to share their journey.

The program is run in partnership with Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) – one of Queensland’s largest multicultural agencies. They provide support to refugees and migrants through community development, advocacy and a range of client services while actively promoting multiculturalism.

Work & Welcome is a wonderful example of living out our Franciscan values.

Please find attached a reflection written by Payam Yazdani, a recent participant of Padua College's Work & Welcome Program.

Work and Welcome Newsletter - December 2018

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