Mission & Vision

The SPIRIT of Padua flows from the founder of the Franciscan Order, St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226). Padua College strives to be a Christian community and a place of affirmation and acceptance, where students are encouraged to strive to their personal level of excellence.

The school's VISION is to provide the boys with an education, which is not only Catholic but also distinctively Franciscan. Hence, we try to operate not so much as an institution but rather as a faith community living out Gospel values and placing an emphasis on the Franciscan charism. We emphasise the value of each individual and aim at providing an education that is both relevant and personal.

Our MISSION is inspired by the life of St Francis. Padua College is a Catholic school community in which the Gospel values of joy, courtesy, humility and peace are fostered. The Padua community aims to offer an academic and social environment of security and affirmation that assists the boys in their growth in self worth, wisdom and quiet strength, enabling them to contribute positively as committed Christians in the world.

Within this context, Padua College strives to maximize each individual’s attainment of excellence, while fostering his responsibility to our community as well as the wider global community. In simple terms, the Mission Statement for Padua College is:

To provide a supportive community committed to the dynamic education of young men, whose individuality, spirit and achievements are nurtured through a proud Catholic and Franciscan ethos.

In this spirit we commit ourselves to:

  • Building a caring Christian community, which will educate the whole person.
  • Encouraging members of the community to regularly pray together and celebrate in liturgy.
  • Respecting the needs of each person, offering joy, peace, warmth and welcome.
  • Pursuing a dynamic curriculum that draws upon and develops the individual talents of a student leading him to grow in wisdom and knowledge.
  • Promoting family commitment and involving parents in the life of the school.
  • Fostering effective communication between all members of the College in order to facilitate closer working relationships.
  • Nurturing a school spirit and pride that permeates all aspects of College life.


altar servers in group 2

Padua College Altar Servers