Our mission statement reads:

Student success in schools is achieved with effective teaching and learning. The Padua College Libraries support teachers and students in all areas of information fluency and recreational reading, as well as assisting with the use of and engaging with digital technologies.                 

We support the research that states that ‘school libraries and teacher librarians make significant contributions to student literacy and learning outcomes’ (Hughes, 2013, abstract). We actively engage with students in a number of meaningful ways to assist with their learning, offering practical services, and a place to study and read.

Our aim is to offer a blend of traditional library practices and new technologies to ensure students are equipped for lifelong learning.

The three branches of the Padua Library consist of the Assisi Campus, the Greccio Campus and Bookhire.

Opening hours for each branch are:

Greccio opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 3.15pm

Assisi opening hours:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7.25am - 4.10pmWednesdays: 7.25am - 3.30pm (due to scheduled staff and faculty meetings)

Bookhire opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00am -1.00pm


Padua Library - Assisi Campus

Assisi Library.2.j 

The Assisi branch is in the process of updating our facilities and reconfiguring our spaces. We currently have:

The Commune 1 & 2 - which accommodate 30 boys each, with tables and chairs that accommodate group and individual study.

The Reading Forecourt - which provides a comfortable reading space for around 40 boys to lose themselves in books, magazines, visual literature and eBooks.

Seminar Room 1 - which accommodates 20 boys, providing a space for small group conversations and card games.

Seminar Room 2 - which is often booked for our Manga club and Makerspace groups to engage in fun, high interest activities.

Seminar Room 3 - which is offered as a silent study for up to 30 students, who are looking for a quiet space to focus, read or study.

Seminar Room 4 - which is predominantly used by the senior students for senior study and peer tutoring.

Our Oliver library system is accessible on every device within the school, and is also available through the Library Libguides pages.

Our collections include fiction, senior fiction, non-fiction, magazines, biographies and visual literature (which is made up of graphic novels, picture books and manga). In addition, we offer a large number of specialised databases, search engines and free library collections via the Padua Library Libguides.

The Assisi library is open from 7.25am until 4.10pm. We are closed for the first half of lunch.

Padua Library - Greccio Campus

BookWeekParade 2016The Greccio branch is a busy and vibrant learning space for Padua boys in Years 5 and 6.


We aim to provide a welcoming, engaging and information-rich learning environment that supports students, staff and parents.


Our library's physical space is divided into areas for collaborative, interactive learning; teaching/individual study and reading and relaxation.

Classes visit Greccio branch weekly for a focused lesson to support research, technology and literature. These lessons also aim to develop students as skilled and responsible digital citizens.

Greccio Library promotes reading for pleasure. Our collection is growing and we are committed to surrounding students with choice in terms of genre and format. To foster a love of reading in our students, library staff work closely with students and teachers to 'put the right book in the right hands'.

We have a very positive reading culture at Padua. Initiatives at the whole school and classroom levels on Greccio campus that support and develop this reading culture include Accelerated Reader, Readers' Cup, Children's Book Council of Australia Book Week celebrations, author visits and the promotion of positive reading models from the staff and student body.

21st Century learning requires schools to "understand reading and information seeking in a connected world" (O'Connell 2012, p.216). The Greccio branch aims to achieve this through: a collection that inspires readers, the meaningful use of technology and the provision of quality teaching and learning. 

O’Connell, J 2012, 'Change has arrived at an iSchool library near you', in P Godwin & J Parker (eds.), Information literacy beyond library 2.0, Facets, London, pp. 215-228.

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